Conker Gin

Dorset’s first gin distillery, Conker Spirit is free from constraints of tradition – their drink comes from a mix of blind optimism and an open mind. Starting from scratch they have tweaked their recipe and are ruthless with the quality. Dorset Dry Gin contains ten botanicals and has been formulated to work both on its own and mixed into a cocktail. No gimmicks. No fuss.

The Brief

Conker Spirit looked to showcase its gin and how versatile it can be in a range of cocktails, while working in partnership with a series of mixologists at various cocktail bars throughout the Dorset area.

The Solution

We felt it important to stick to the strong branding that Conker Spirit already had in place. We wanted to keep the films short and dynamic, while conveying the process and ingredients to the consumer in an easy to understand format.

The Feedback

“I’m really delighted with what RMP have done, and we’re excited to work together on future projects.”

Rupert Holloway, Distiller

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